Hi, I’m Christina Rico.

Health and Fitness Coach, Certified Personal Trainer. BS, ACSM, Z Health Trainer. Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise and Wellness.

I am a passionate fitness coach on a mission to help women feel happy, healthy, and confident!

I feel so fortunate that I get to spend my time teaching and motivating women to reach their full potential. I teach you how to eat healthier, exercise more efficiently, live a happier life, and LOVE your body!

Here’s some of my story…

I graduated high school when I was 16 years old and moved out of my childhood home to pursue my Biology Degree at Arizona State. My freshman year, I started going to the gym as a hobby to keep myself focused on school work, and I began to love the way exercise made me feel. Every spare second that I had, I would sit and research exercise routines, nutrition programs, healthy recipes, and anything related to health and fitness. Exercising and fitness became more than a hobby for me, so I decided to redirect my college degree, and I began the Exercise and Wellness program.

A few months later, I earned my ACSM Personal Trainer Certification and began training part time when I wasn’t in class. I loved helping people achieve their ultimate fitness goals and feel better than ever!

Here I am now… 20 years old, and on a mission to inspire women everywhere to get fit!

I realize that life is chaotic, you’re busy, and maybe you just don’t know where to get started.

But I believe that living a fit and healthy lifestyle is about learning how to balance the different aspects of your life – even when things feel out of control.

That is what I am here to teach you!

I provide workout routines you can do on a tight schedule. Physical activities you can do any where. Whole food recipes that make eating healthy delicious. Real life advice and some insight into my world. And tips on how you can achieve your BEST body and have ALL the confidence you need to conquer the world!

Social media is a great way to stay connected. So if you’re around, swing by and say Hi or ask me questions on Facebook or Instagram – that’s what I’m here for!



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