April 23, 2015 Arms + Sprints

April 23, 2015 Arms + Sprints

This morning I decided to stay at my fitness center and get work done there.

There’s treadmills, free weights, a cable machine, and a few benches – plenty of equipment do a workout!

Arms + Sprints, it is! 

1. Incline Curl x 20

2. Triceps Press Down w/ Rope x20

3. Lateral Raise x20

4. Sprints x 1 minute

x 5 sets

1. Front Dumbbell Raise

2. Triceps Overhead Cable Extension (Rope)

3. Alt. Hammer Curl

4. Sprints x 30 seconds

x 3 sets

1. Supinated Biceps Curl (both arms)

2. Hammer Curls (both arms)

3. Arnold Press

4. Narrow Push Ups

Sprints x 1 minute

x 3 sets

1. Curl Press

2. Cable Crunches

3. Sprints x 1 minute

x 3 sets


I usually keep the treadmill at a 10 – 12 MPH and incline of 3-5% for the sprints.  It varies depending on the length of time I am running for, but that is what I did for this workout.

Enjoy 😉

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