Define Your Legs Without Weights

Define Your Legs Without Weights

I often get asked what kind of workouts I do to build muscle and define the legs.

Lifting weights for the past few years has certainly helped the growth of my leg muscles, but lately I have reduced the amount of heavy leg training that I incorporate.  I have always enjoyed doing a wide variety of different training techniques, but my favorite thing was squatting and deadlifting heavy (for me, anyway :) ) .

Lately, I have been doing more light weight and body weight exercises – simply feeling the mind muscle connect.  I say “simply” because I am not using weights, but you wouldn’t believe how challenging it can be to squat and hip thrust your body weight, when you’re using visualization to feel and connect with your muscles.

Experimenting with different workout techniques helps to keep things fun and interesting in the gym and ensures that you’re always keeping your body guessing.


Next time you’re at the gym try out one (or both) of these circuits. You don’t need to use any weight, so you could even do them at home!  Really focus on squeezing and contracting the muscles and actually visualize the particular muscles being worked.

For example, when I am doing Glute Bridges on the floor or a Hip Thrust, I often lift up my toes and focus on pushing through my heels, into the ground.  I focus on contracting and squeezing my glutes.  Sometimes, I will hold the contraction for 5-10 seconds to really feel the burn. Burn baby, burn!  

The glutes are a huge group of (3) muscles, so they need to be challenged with exercises that target each muscle.

Screen shot 2015-03-21 at 4.00.18 PM

Here are some bodyweight exercises that are great for burning out the legs:

Circuit 1

Body Weight Squats

Alternating Reverse Lunges

Pop Squats ( Squat Jacks )

Glute Bridge

  • Perform the exercises circuit style, back to back, for 20 repetitions each.  Once all the exercises are complete, do the circuit 2-3 more times!

Circuit 2

Sumo Squats

Alternating Curtsey Lunge

Prisoner Squat Pulse

Alternating Jump Squats

  • Perform the exercises circuit style, back to back, for 30 seconds each.  Once all the exercises are complete, do the circuit 2-3 more times!

Circuits are a fantastic way to maximize your time and get the most out of your workout!  Circuits will torch calories and you will certainly work up a sweat!

Give it a shot and comment below to let me know how you like these!

XO Your Trainer,



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