What? There’s That Much Sugar in My Drink?!

What? There’s That Much Sugar in My Drink?!

Would you believe me if I said that there’s 56 grams of sugar in that 15.2oz bottle of Naked Juice? Well…you better believe it!



At a glance, many bottled juices and coffees appear to be beneficial – all natural, made with quality ingredients, and free of added sugar – but when you look closely at the nutrition label, you may find some things that the food companies aren’t telling you about!

Let’s check out the Green Machine variety of Naked Juice, for example.

I know this is one of the most popular flavors because it is green and has a broccoli floret front and center on the label, so it must be extremely healthy…right?

Yes, fruits are wonderful for the body. They are full of vitamin and minerals and most of them have alkalizing benefits. BUT it is wise to be aware of the sugar content because excessive amounts of sugar can also have harmful effects on the body.

Ok…so back to the Green Machine.

At a glance, the juice seems to have 140 calories. Too bad when you read the nutrition label, there’s actually 280 calories in the one bottle.



Now check out the sugar. There’s only 28 grams…right?

Wrong…that’s actually just for 1 serving. There’s 2 servings in one 15.2 oz bottle…56 grams of sugar. That’s 4 2/3 TABLESPOONS!

Now let’s check out all of the Goodness Inside…..

Screen shot 2015-04-14 at 12.22.35 PM

There’s a whopping 2 ¾ Apples inside the bottle!

The nutrition label says a different story, though. The first ingredient says apple JUICE!

Looks like most (or all) of the fiber has been extracted, since fiber is not even listed on the nutrition label anymore. None of the fiber of an apple, but all of the sugar!

I am convinced that the Green Machine contains a little bit of broccoli just to produce the deep green color, that sways people to think it must be full of fibrous veggies!

When you take a look at the “boosts” you will find that there’s 100 mg of broccoli. That’s .1 gram of the green trees. In total, there’s about 2.25 grams of greens inside!

Screen shot 2015-04-14 at 12.22.40 PM

I don’t know about you…but I certainly think they skimped on the greens inside of the Green Machine.

Green shakes and smoothies are a fantastic way to give your body a boost of nutrients, but they shouldn’t contain more sugar than a candy bar.

It’s not just the bottled green juices that are loaded with sugar. At least the Naked Juices claim that there’s no ADDED sugar (the only sugar is naturally occurring in fruit).

A good portion of bottled beverages have a ton of ADDED sugar and preservatives that can wreak havoc on your health.

Always read the nutrition labels of your foods and beverages. Food companies are sneaky at creating product labels that can easily mislead you.

Watch for ingredient labels that list ingredients like sugar, high fructose corn syrup, maltodextrin, cane juice, or barley malt…In fact, there’s dozens of different names for sugar, but these are some of the more common ingredients that you may see. Many of the ingredients that end in –ose are culprits, as well!

Just beware and drink your purified H2O instead!!!

Drink This!

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