June 10, 2015: Shoulders and Biceps!

Here’s a great shoulders and biceps workout that I did at the gym with a friend of mine.  Today we used active rest between sets, where we did exercises for 45 seconds to keep the heart rate up!

This was a great workout and sure to get your heart pumping!

Shoulders / Biceps

Overhead dumbbell press x10 – 15

lateral raise x20

straight barbell curl x20

mountain climbers x45 seconds

5 Rounds

Curl → Arnold Press

Alternating Front Dumbbell Raise

→ Dropset into front plate raise ~ 20 reps (burn out)

Plank Ups x20

3 Rounds

Cable Face Pulls (rope) x 15 – 20

Inch Worm Push Up x 10

x 3 sets

Overhead Slam Ball

Overhead Press w/ Ball

Mountain Climber w/ Slam Ball

45 seconds each (2 rounds)


…Do your arms hurt yet? 😉

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