Lets Be Real Here

Lets Be Real Here

Hello there !

I want to talk to you for a moment. I am going to be very real here and just speak my mind because I care about you and your health, and I want what’s best for you! So please, bear with me!

First of all…Great job on completing your first day! I was curious to know, do you journal or reflect at the end of the day?  Journaling is a great way  for you to take a moment and reflect on your strengths and weaknesses. It is at this point that we can discover who we are, WHY we want to change or achieve said goal, and HOW we are going to do every single thing possible to make this happen.

I am going to be real here.

I have been a coach for numerous years and I have helped hundreds of women achieve their greatest health and fitness goals. But there is one thing that I see happen frequently…

It’s the start of a new year, month, week, day….you say to yourself, “THIS is it, I’m tired of being this way. I just want to be happy in my body and I want to start feeling beautiful and confident”.

Then you say, “It is going to happen THIS time, nothing is going to stand in my way, I am going to do this once and for all”.

You feel so motivated, ready, and incredibly excited about finally getting healthy and doing something for your body. “No matter what” you are going to eat healthy, exercise, and get into the best shape of you life.

You’re motivated for the first day…maybe even the whole entire week. You stick to your program, you’re excited, feel proud of your dedication, and are totally giving it “your all”.


Real life gets in the way. Your schedule gets chaotic, you get tired, feel lazy….And somehow…out of no where, your old habits start creeping their way back into your life.

Does this sound anything like a past time where you set out to achieve your health and fitness goals?

If so…I want to take a moment to help prevent this from happening.

I want nothing more than to help YOU achieve your goals, help you to love YOUR body, and give YOU more confidence.

But the only way I can help you to achieve that is if you realize that  YOU . ARE . WORTH . IT!

It’s plain and simple.. you want to achieve your goals and feel BETTER THAN EVER…

I have heard about the pains, disgust, and struggles in the past. You have expressed that you are SO ready to make a change and this IS it!

Over the next month, I highly encourage you…Actually, I challenge you to complete a journal entry every single day. These journal is designed to make you think about your goals and the true reason WHY you want to change.

Because…when it all comes down to it….

The #1 thing that is going to keep you on the track to success is your “WHY”!

What is your underlying motivation to get healthy?
Is it your kids? Your own personal happiness? Are you sick of feeling depressed and having pity for yourself? Deep down inside, are you upset and angry that you let yourself go this far?

Your WHY is going to be the driving force to your goals, and ultimately, your success.

When the temptations get tough, life gets crazy and chaotic, and you just feel tired, your WHY is going to help you rise above, tap those extra reserves of energy, and give you the courage you didn’t even know you had.

We want nothing more than for you to achieve your goals. But we cannot make you want it – you have to want it yourself!

Always remember WHY you started and remember….

All Progress Starts By Telling The Truth -Dan Sullivan

I believe in YOU!



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  1. Ο/Η Dan λέει:Dear Admin,some friends altered us your site used all our photos (that we posted in another amateur site) without our permissions.this is the gallery Please remove them!!!Probably you didn’t know it and maybe a very bad member of your site used it without you know it, but me and my wife don’t allow this.We wait your reply as soon as possible!Thanks for understandingD&A

    • Hi there, what photos are you talking about?


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